Returning Back

We are excited to resume our church worship service on June 7th at 10:00 a.m, we will start allowing people into the sanctuary at 9:30 AM.  GFBC COVID 19 Committee has been working hard to make sure that the church is clean, safe and in compliance with the CDC guidelines hard for the upcoming reopening. 

We have adopted #itsoktowaveandsmile with our no contact services. 

Upon the anticipation of your arrival, we are asking for you to please follow the guideline recommendations of the CDC as well as the request of Greater First Baptist Church. We are asking everyone to…




“Love thy Neighbor by wearing a face mask (everyone)”


  • Mask are strongly suggested for your protection
  • Please wear your own or one will can be provide to you. 
       (While supplies last) 

On those who have mask will be able to enter the sanctuary. If you do not have one you will be directed to the overflow room 
(Fellowship Hall)



    • The CDC has determined 65 and older are at higher risk




    Please read and acknowledge that none of the CDC questions apply to you (your entry is acknowledgement

    •   If you or a family member is sick or running a fever, please seek medical attention and stay at home.
    • If you or a family member have been tested for Covid-19 due to illness please seek medical attention and stay at home.


    While in Worship/Social Distance



    • Exercise social distancing upon entry and exit (floor and door markers are visible—our ushers will assist).
    • Only sit in the designated areas for social distancing.
    • Each household should be seated together.
    • Sanitize your hands as you enter and exit the church.
    • Social distancing will apply during service as well as an orderly dismissal from service.
    • There will be no hugs, fist pumps, or hand shakes.


    • We need your cooperation to make these necessary transitions.


    Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.